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Above Ground Commercial Tanks

Apr105 004 Commerial TanksFiberglass is often utilized as a replacement for steel. Its reduced weight and corrosion resistance offers a cost-effective means for above ground vessel fabrication. To satisfy customer needs, GFI Composites offers a wide selection of resins, optional lining reinforcements and three different manufacturing processes. GFI’s fiberglass plant works closely with both its resin and reinforcement suppliers to maintain quality products and state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures.

FRP Above Ground Tanks are Ideal For:

  • Solvents and Non-Flammable corrosive fluids in petroleum products, Chemical, pulp and paper, and other industrial applications

FRP Shop Fabricated Above ground Tank Sizes Range From 300 to 20,000 Gal In Capacity. Some of the benefits are:

 Environmentally Safe,  Will Never Rust, Durable Long Life, Easy to install and transport.