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Commercial Septic Tanks

30 foot tankGFI Composites makes fiberglass tanks from 300 imp. gals to 34,000 imp. gals. Fiberglass tanks can be for non-potable water, septic tanks, holding tanks and pump stations – vertical or horizontal applications.

Larger volume tanks are made from Filament Wound Fiberglass. This production method allows us to accommodate specific volumes in 4′, 6′,  8′, or 10′ diameter tanks.

Tanks are designed for underground burial with the standard tank capable of 2 ft. of earth cover. By special order the tanks can be buried up to 6 ft. of earth cover or more.

FRP Flanges, vales and fittings of a wide range can be installed at the customer’s request. These can be standard 2″ couplings or bolt on flanges style.

Manways come in a variety of sizes 22”, 24” and 30” and are completed with gaskets and bolt on covers.

Installation instructions are included with each tank and fiberglass hold-down straps are available for anchoring to ballast in high water table conditions.

15,000 Gal Septic Tank Pics #1